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Corporate Documents Management

We provide clients with confidence and assurance that all corporate and business documents are up-to-date and readily available.

Inventory Corporate Documents

Locate and organize all of the documents that a corporation should maintain and have readily available.

Create Electronic Files of Corporate Documents

Scan and file all relevant corporate documents (Articles of Incorporation, Stock Purchase Agreements, By-Laws, Shareholder Agreements, Certificates of Incorporation, Buy/Sell Agreements, Employment Agreements, Corporate Minutes, etc.) for systematic storage and retrieval.

Create Electronic Files of Business Documents

Scan and file all important business documents (Insurance Policies, Rent Agreements, Equipment Leases, etc.) for systematic storage and retrieval.

Facilitate Corporate Compliance

Schedule and facilitate required annual meetings and prepare drafts of corresponding minutes.

Liaison Between Practice Management and Attorneys

Arrange legal assistance as necessary through the working relationships we have already established with outstanding legal firms specializing in healthcare issues.

Unlimited Phone Support

Our corporate documents services team is available to support and assist your practice when needed.

Additional Services Available On A Per Project Basis

Should the need arise, we can assist you with the development and updating of necessary corporate and business documents.