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Proactive Accounting & Bookkeeping

Let our Team handle the task of producing accurate, timely, and meaningful financial reports in order to help you both measure and manage your bottom line.

Client Bookkeeping Solution

Software installation, training, and support to simplify your bookkeeping duties and provide instant access to account balances.

Account Reconciliations

Monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts to ensure accurate accounting and reporting, with the added step of reconciling practice’s receipts to bank deposits to identify potential fraud or embezzlement.

Customized Financial Information

Value added analysis of practice specific information, including productivity schedules and provider bonus calculations.

Financial Reporting

Compilation of monthly activity into a detailed general ledger, presented in proper Balance Sheet and Income Statement format, including comparative and variance analysis.

Cloud-based accounting software: QuickBooks Online

Source Document Submission Software: Receipt Bank

Regulatory Requirements

Support on the myriad of reporting requirements, including 1099’s property tax listings, sales and use tax returns, and workers’ compensation audits.

Unlimited Phone Support

Carry on day-to-day activities with confidence knowing that answers to your accounting and bookkeeping questions are just a phone call away.